Everything in One Simple Plan

One Simple Plan



Support  |  Hardware  |  Software


World Class Support
FREE Training
24/7 Remote, Phone & E-mail Support


Included Kiosk Computer
Included Thermal Receipt Printer
Included Credit Card Swiper (EMV & NFC Certified)
Included Wall Mount Kits for Computer, Printer, and Swiper
FREE Warranty Replacement
FREE Accidental Damage Protection and Replacement
FREE Hardware Upgrades every 36 months


Unlimited Software Upgrades
Remote Management
Real-Time Database
Cloud Hosted
High Availability Cloud
Integrated Credit Card Processing
Complete Point of Sale Integration


Frequently asked questions

Why is there only one plan?

With One Simple Plan we’re able to deliver incredible value at an affordable price.  It includes all your hardware, software, and support for a complete kiosk solution.  Simplicity is fundamental to delivering the best experience possible.  We want to make it simple to get the right solution.  One Simple Plan gives both large and small organizations the ability to quickly and easily scale and manage costs.

Are there any upfront or one-time costs?

Upfront or one-time costs are typically associated with physical installation, shipping, and menu setup.  Physical installation includes but is not limited to services such as running power and network wiring, cutting, drilling, mounting, building, and installing hardware.  Shipping includes costs whenever something is shipped to your location.  Menu setup includes your initial menu configuration and setup.  Generally speaking these are the only costs you will be responsible for outside of your One Simple Plan.

Are the hardware upgrades really FREE?

YES!  We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.  That means having the latest and newest technologies.  After 36 months you will be notified that you are able to request a FREE hardware upgrade.  After you submit your request we will send you all new hardware.  You will receive brand new kiosk computers, printers, and credit card swipers.

What's covered in the Accidental Damage Protection?

Everything.  We don’t care how it was damaged or malfunctioned.  We only care that you have technology that works great.  So for whatever reason something breaks.  We’ll send you a new replacement.  It’s that simple!

Can I have my own custom branded designs?

Yes you can.  We know how important it is to maintain branding continuity.  GojiKiosk is designed to be able to be fully branded.  The costs and project scope varies for every project so these things are handled on a case by case basis.  If you’re interested in getting a quote.  Please click here to inquire about a quote.

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